Sunday, January 2, 2011

Let It Snow DIY

Here in Wyo it has been FREEZING and snowing more than usual.  I keep telling my hubby how *magical* it looks outside and he just rolls his eyes at me... guess it's not so *magical* when you work outside in it all day!  Still, I wanted to bring some of that prettiness inside.
Our Christmas decor has been down for a few days now and the house seems so empty... not quite sure how to decorate for January... cant wait for February and V-Day tho!
 I came up with this "Snowflake" hanging to add some OOMPH!
Here are the supplies I used.  I got the silver foil doilies at Walmart for 50 cents and glued two together so they were shiny on both sides. I also used two sizes of pom pom makers. to create pretty, puffy snowballs.
 Pssst.... My husband got me a new pom pom maker for Christmas because he said mine was super old and falling apart (he actually stepped foot in a craft store all by himself.. awe).  I love my new tools :)
 Putting it all together was simple.  Just tie some fishing line to each pom pom and doily then hang from something.  I was also thinking you could thread a needle with the line and join all your "snowflakes" together like a banner and hang that.  Sounds super cute to me :) 
 Have a happy day!!


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