Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It's begining to look a lot like V-Day!

Hi hi!  I just wanted to share some pretties around our house these days. 
Last week I spent about 2 hours searching for a box I thought I had filled with v-day things and found nothing.  Then I was thinking about it and I realized I didn't really decorate last year.  Ha, that was a waste of time. 
So, I have been busy crafting and making decorations for the house.  Next year there WILL be a box filled with pink and red goodness :)  I haven't bought a single thing either... everything was already in my hands!!
 I went with the traditional red, pink and white color palate.  Here is what we have so far..........
We have a big open wall (no clue what you call this space) above our stairs to the basement that I have been using for decorating.  I was totally a copycat inspired by THIS post last year on one of my favorite blogs and stung a bunch of pretties in this space. 
On the Dear Lizzy Blog she directs you to THIS tutorial where you learn how to make the super sweet flower puffs you see here. They are made from coffee filters!!  Also, don't look to closely at my lights... they were from Christmas and were really green and ugly.  I threw some acrylic paint on to get them to blend in better.  I am not too sure how they are going to hold up in the years to come.

I bought a bunch of these blocks 3 years ago.  All they needed was some paint, a little sanding and some letter stickers.  I love it!

I embellished these cute stands with rosette covered Styrofoam balls.  They were super easy.  All you need to do is apply some hot glue directly to your foam ball and roll fabric strips around.  I used and old sheet, satin and some bumpy fabric.  The sheet worked best I think... just so you know :)

I started this little project last year.  I used painted scrapbooking hearts and simply glued some ribbon onto the backs to create my door deco.

Here we have some little hears stuck into our plant that I got last year on sale.. found these babies in the boys room and I am still searching for the white one I got.  The vase will be filled with something, not sure what yet.  I also have a little heart stand that we have been displaying Ryker's valentines in.  He makes them at preschool and brings home like 5 a day ha. 

I put a few lovey dovey scrapbook things out.   I use to be WAY into scrapbooking.  Both the mini book and the page are really old and work perfectly with my theme. 
 I have some red heart doilies and some vintage valentine cards I ordered the other day off Etsy that I can't wait to place around the house.
I hope you liked the peek inside my house and are feeling inspired! I am off to leave about 200 feedbacks on Etsy... yikes!!


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