Friday, January 14, 2011

Handmade Gifts Galore

This is way late but I can finally post the handmade gifts I gave this year for Christmas.
Most of the patterns were free on the Internet so I linked back to them for you too see.
This cute owl hat went to my niece.  I LOVE how it turned out.. so cute... I am thinking about making me one.

Using this tutorial I made my mama a laptop case.

My youngest niece got this super sweet "grocery bag" for Christmas.I had so much fun picking out fabric for all the different fruit from my stash. Both the baby and mama loved it.  I got the pattern for this one from a book.

I made these cute clutches with this tutorial for the ladies.  I really adore the blog world and all the amazing free patterns I find!!  Thank you so much bloggers!

My most favorite gift were these little "Paper Doll" girls.  They are actually made from fabric.
This is where I saw the idea.  I tweaked the pattern a bit to fit my style.
You sew on a Velcro bra and panties to stick the different outfits to!  Genius!  I wish I were a little girl again.

Oh and I just finished this one last night ...
a scarf for the hubs.  I hope you like his "model" pose, he did it just for you.  Ha ha :)
Have a great weekend!  I have a HUGE "To Do" list to work on.


Jenni said...

wow! what amazing gifts! your friends and family were so lucky!

i love the new picture of you (sorry if it isn't new and i am just noticing) under the about me tab! you look very pretty!!

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