Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Meet Bumble Bee. I am overjoyed with this little hat!  I just finished it last night and had to get it in the shop today.  It has pose-able pipe cleaner antenna!
I also made this cutie and decided to have my baby model it.
 I got the shot... but the battle for it was tough.
We had to endure this......
and a ton of this......
It's hard for me to say who won the headband battle but I am gonna have to go with the headband.  I think I got a pretty sweet picture after all the trouble ha ha :) 
Headband 1 -- West 0


Anonymous said...

So So So cute! Both of them. Your so creative!!! and about your comment on my blog, I guess I have a lot of pictures of myself on my blog but not on my computer I delete them all after using them, and the picture taking is super fast like 2 minutes max. I bet if you did it you'd rock, I bet your style is just awesome!!

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