Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tee to Tote-- A Tutorial

For my Project ReStyle this week I used an old t-shirt my kiddo outgrew.  I turned it into a darling tote bag.  I really love it so I took pictures as I went for a tutorial.  I hope it makes sense... I am not a pro sewer or anything.  Sometimes I have no clue how to word what I do. So, sorry in advance if I am confusing :)
  • Size 3T Tee Shirt
  • Fusible Fleece
  • Old Pillow Case
This is what I did....

Cut the tee just under the sleeves and also up one side to make a long rectangle.

Cut a piece of fusible fleece or other fabric stabilizer the same size as your tee.  Iron to the wrong side of your tee to give it stability.  The fleece made mine really thick.

For the top of my bag I used the clean finished edging of an old pillow case... I just cut it apart right by the seem.  You could use a piece of fabric folded in half  to get the same look. 

Place your tee right side up. Lay your fabric strip on top with the unfinished edges lined up with the top edge of your tee (longways). Sew them together.

Open and press that seem.  Now, sew a line or two down the inside of your fabric strip.

Fold the entire piece in half with right sides together and matching up edges.  Sew together leaving the top open.  I ended up rounding off my corners too, just so you know.

For the handles I used the sleeve edges from the tee. I simply hemmed the unfinished edge and sewed them to the bag.  
TA DA!! Done... hopefully if you attempted the tutorial you made it to the end! 
The cutest little tote just for this little guy....
  Ugh, I hate it when he smiles all weird and totally fake-ish.  Silly boy. 




Gay Vaughan said...

Really cute!! I love to re-make things...great job with the tutorial.

Jenni said...

you did an awesome job with the tutorial! totally understandable and even more awesome tote!!!!

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