Monday, January 3, 2011

OOAK Hats Are Here!

Wow, I am kind of amazed that I am actually on track with my goal so far :)
Aren't they so cute!?  I am crazy about the cute orange yarn on #2 and the new design I came up with for #1.  I will list them later today in my shop.
Hope you like the sneak peak.
There's lots more to come and I am so excited to share!


Kirsten said...

Love the OOAK hats so far!! Any chance you'll make an OOAK hat in a toddler size? My girl needs a new hat! ;)

Jacy said...

I plan on it :) newborn & 0-3 are just so easy and fast to whip up but I will try to throw more bigger sizes into the mix for sure! Thanks for asking :)

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